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Thesis completed, degree received. Now what?

“It’s not your blue blood, your pedigree or your college degree. It’s what you do with your life that counts.” Millard Fuller

In September 2012, fifty eager students came from all around the world- from South Korea, Poland, Germany and Canada (with many Swedes in between!)- to pursue a Master’s degree in Business & Consumer Marketing at Stockholm Business School.

Credit: Fotini R.

Celebrating handing in and presenting our thesis work! Credit: Fotini R.

After presenting our thesis work in June, we were able to enjoy a closing ceremony at Building 3- our home for lectures, lessons, and lattes for the past two years. During this ceremony, Thomas Hartman, Dean of Stockholm Business School, gave us practical advice and well-wishes that will carry weight beyond the walls of Kräftriket- to strive for a professional and social role in this increasingly interconnected global society.

While we completed our theses to get the degree, we went through this process not to become the world’s next “leading experts” in consumer marketing. Rather, it was to take another step towards improving our ability to communicate effectively within a global society.

“The medium is the message” -In a simplistic form, marketing can be seen as the process of creating and communicating value to an audience. This takes on many forms through mission statements, body language, phrases, brands, word-of-mouth, social media, etc. These are different mediums used to communicate a message.

What I hope we take away from this experience is the ability to connect and communicate effectively with people from all over the world. How we present our ideas- whether to each other or corporations- needs to be channeled into the correct medium in order to build up an important component in life- relationships.

Celebrating the end of first year when we were half way through. Credit: Ásrún A.

Celebrating the end of first year when we were half way through.
Credit: Ásrún A.

Building relationships is the key to success personally and professionally, not, “your blue blood, pedigree or college degree”. This is done by understanding the correct medium to use within a diverse, global society. Collaborating with classmates from varying educational, social, and cultural backgrounds has given us the opportunity to improve our communication skills. This, in turn, will lead us to building stronger relationship and making a greater contribution to society.

In the end, this is what counts.

*On a more personal note, I wish to say good-luck to all of my fellow classmates, and to thank Stockholm Business School, the Office of International Affairs, and the Graduate Student Council, for all the opportunities and assistance I have received throughout the past two wonderful years.


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