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Hej allihopa! (that means ‘Hey everyone!’ in Swedish)

As you all may have seen, there are 5 new student bloggers here on the blog that will be posting for you all in the coming months- myself included! So it is only right that I give you guys a proper little introduction of myself. Here goes nothing!

I’m 20, American, and super amazing
. Well, maybe there’s more to me than those three facts. 

Where do I start? After graduating high school, I’ve been on a personal mission to bring myself back to the wonderful continent of Europe (I studied at a boarding school in Germany for a period of time during high school) and sought to experience an entirely different college life than what most of my friends back home were planning. I imagined the next few years of my university career to include completely immersing myself into a foreign culture, learning the language, living an entirely different way of life, along with numerous adventures centered around exotic food escapades.

When I’m asked, but why Sweden? My answer is always simply, why not? There’s beautiful scenery here, great education, high standards of living and tons of beautiful people. And those are just a few of the reasons I chose to come to Stockholm and study at the Business School. But most importantly, I wanted to be sure to pick a city that I knew I would enjoy getting to know and explore- despite the fact that the harsh winters almost scared me away from my decision in picking Sweden.

What I imagined my life would be like in Sweden compared to the reality is a little hard to summarize at the moment, seeing as I’ve been here for only a little over a month and a half. So, as I continue my worldly adventure here in Stockholm, I am beyond excited to be able to share my experiences- both the good and bad, pretty and ugly- with all of you contemplating the very life I am living for yourself! I hope that, through my eyes, all of you considering coming to Stockholm to live and study will be able to get a better, more honest perspective (beyond what the program page on our university site tells you) from a real student living her real life in the wonderful city of Stockholm. I sure wished there was a site like this back when I was doing my research!

So sit back, have some coffee and get ready to read some great posts from us five here at SBS each week! 

Until next time,

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New York City - Sweden

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