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A Bachelor’s Degree in English at SBS


Hi everyone!

I’m glad you have found your way to this blog! Basics first: my name is Meri and I’m a 20 years old, originally from Finland and one of the five new bloggers here at the SBS student blog! This is my first year both studying at a university and living in Stockholm so everything is still very new and exciting for me and I’m really glad to have the opportunity to share this journey with you all. Here I will be talking about student life both inside and outside the class rooms and lecture halls, taking you exploring Stockholm with me and hopefully giving you a better idea how it actually is to be a student at Stockholm Business School.

In this first post I wanted to tell you a little bit about the possibilities to study at the undergraduate level in English at SBS and also why I chose to study here. Most international students come here for an exchange or to do their master’s degree. When I tell people I’m doing my whole bachelor’s degree here, in English, I sometimes get a surprised ”Oh really?” as an answer. But even if some people don’t know this, Stockholm Business School offers two bachelor’s programmes that are thought completely in English.

I’m in a study programme called Bachelor’s Programme in Business Administration and Political Science, also known as BAPS. This means that for the first two years we will study business administration during the autumn semesters and political science during the spring semesters. During our last year we do our bachelor’s thesis in business administration and a half year of elective studies, when we can do bachelor’s thesis in political science as well or study something else that somehow fits together with business – economics or a foreign language for example. Since the programme is aimed at students interested in international career in management, we also have a mandatory study abroad period during our third semester (meaning I get to experience two new countries in the next three years, exciting!) The other programme in English is called Global Management and it combines the study of business administration to that of a foreign language. The language options for non-Swedish speaking students are English, French and Italian, for Swedish speaking students the possibilities are wider and include many European languages like German and Spanish but also more exotic choices like Japanese or Arabic.

I chose this programme because firstly, it combines two big interest areas of mine, and secondly, I think it well reflects what is needed in the ”real world”. Business and politics are very much interrelated and international experience is essential in the globalised world. This also applies for the Global Management programme. Another great thing about these programmes is that there are people from all over the world which is a pretty unique situation at the undergraduate level. Meeting and working with people from so many different backgrounds and cultures is really interesting and very instructive as well.

So if you’re someone planning your undergraduate studies abroad but can’t speak Swedish or maybe a Swede who wants to study in an international environment then keep this option in mind. And if you want to hear more about studying at SBS, stay tuned for weekly updates from the us five!


6 thoughts on “A Bachelor’s Degree in English at SBS

  1. Ahhh I can’t wait!! I’m an 19yr old American girl with a Swedish dad (and therefore Swedish citizenship) so I’ve arrived a year early to go to SFI because I really want to learn Swedish. And I hope to attend the BAPS program next autumn 2015 🙂

    • Oh how nice! Hopefully we’ll meet next year at the Business School, if you have any questions about the programme feel free to ask 🙂 and good luck with your language studies!

  2. Do you also accept International Students??