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Tjenare! Välkommen till SBS bloggen!

[Hey! Welcome to the SBS blog!]

My name is Erin and I am a 24 year old Canadian masters student at the Stockholm Business School where I am studying Consumer and Business Marketing. As some of my fellow bloggers have already mentioned, there are five of us who will be sharing our experiences with you for the foreseeable future. I am very excited about this and hope that you will enjoy hearing from us!

Stockholm University is a great environment for international students. I have had the pleasure of meeting classmates from the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, the USA, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Portugal and England to name just a few. There is something for everyone here, and between the language cafes, culture and art groups and intramural sports it has been so easy to meet new people. The orientation day features a fair where clubs, societies, language departments and intramural sports representatives introduce themselves and help you sign up for activities. The Student Union, also organized trips to Ikea, a guided bus tour, different cruises and other fun activities to facilitate meeting other new students.

I moved to Stockholm almost two months ago, and it has been an easy transition so far. At first, I was wondering how to get involved with the university and other students at a masters level as, typically, many masters students work in parallel to their studies. In the Business School there are some student run extracurricular societies such as The Marketing Academy, where students who are accepted to the society have the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge in a more practical environment. Read more on the Marketing Academy as one example of how to potentially get involved with fellow like minded students.

I am also participating in the free Swedish courses here at Stockholm University that Frank-Paul mentioned and have successfully completed level one. I begin level two this week! I have made some excellent friends in the Swedish courses, and we bond over our general nervousness of using this classroom Swedish in the real world. We take turns ordering at restaurants, as practice, which usually leads to a fun evening full of laughter and kind, patient waiters, waitresses and bartenders who join in on the fun teaching us international students new phrases and offering useful tips.

It is a big decision to study abroad, but the experiences you gain while away will add something unique to your personal credentials and CV. In today’s professional work environment, it is extremely important to differentiate yourself from other students, and what better way to do that than immersing yourself in a new country, culture, language and international university?

As a non-EU citizen, the application process is slightly longer than the process for EU citizens, but it is all laid out very clearly on the Stockholm University website and University Admissions Sweden. For those of you requiring a Residence Permit, don’t be nervous. The Swedish system is extremely organized, and offers technical support during the process.

Stay tuned to the SBS blog and let us know your thoughts, as we will have more updates for you weekly!

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