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Hej hej!
my name is Klara, I am 24 years old and I am coming from a sunny village in the middle of the Austrian alps. I did my Bachelor Programme in Innsbruck (Tyrol) and I already spent an exchange semester in Reykjavik in Iceland, which I totally loved. Therefore, I am super excited and happy to do another exchange in one of my dream cities: Stockholm. After spending the first weeks at Stockholm University I am glad to be a part of the SBS blogging team and sharing my experiences about the (student) life in this beautiful Scandinavian town.

My master programme at home is called “Strategic Management” with a high focus on Branding. At SBS I will attend courses like Brand and Communications and Performance Management; moreover, I am happy to take courses at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship ( what is truly an amazing offer of the Universities of Stockholm. Thereby, KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), KI (Karolinska Institutet), Konstfack, SSE (Stockholm School of Economics) and SU created an interdisciplinary collaboration focusing on entrepreneurship, but more important, connecting people from all over the world within different subjects. This for example is one issue I really appreciate about the learning environment in Stockholm: the support of discovering and gaining knowledge beyond the obvious.

But let´s start from the beginning, when Stockholm Business School made it to its mission welcoming everybody very warmly! One week packed with fun and information made it very easy to start the semester in Stockholm. Being part of the awesome SBS Buddy Program does not let you feel lost in the immense crowd of new information, people and cultural habits (like never-ever walk on the bicycle line and having fika is the most important meal of the day). You are immediately part of a family: you can contact your Swedish buddies for some local advice, but also share thoughts, hopes, fears and challenges with your new international study mates.
After the first course period (at Stockholm Business School you have four periods, each approximately one month) I am nearly finished with two courses: containing lots of group work, creative thinking, papers and presentations, but before the second half of my courses starts I did some travelling: today I came back from an awesome trip to Tallinn – St. Petersburg and Helsinki: Yeah, those are the sweet sides of the exchange life. You get the chance to discover beautiful places and meet a punch of new people, students from all over Sweden. I really enjoyed seeing how different those cities are and though, finding so many common things. A mix of culture, art, fun and stunning buildings and historical centers had been waiting for us the last days. Nevertheless, it feels good to be back at home in Stockholm, even though it means: study hard for the upcoming exams!
Looking forward to the next weeks!
Take care,


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