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Student life: become active!

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Student life does of course not only consist of going to lectures, spending time on schoolwork and partying. In my opinion there is something else that needs to be undertaken in one’s student life: participation in extracurricular activities. These activities could be joining career events, trainings, but the activity I am aiming at is – joining a student association.

Joining a student association is not only to get in contact with more people that are interested in the same things, but more importantly about developing yourself on both a professional level and a personal level. When joining these associations you will get the opportunity to manage your own projects, to organize special events, to get in contact with companies, to lead a group of people, just to name a few. Even though these associations might be small, you will get experience in these things, which are valuable for your future career as recruiters may be interested in the skills you developed through these activities.

I think Stockholm Business School and Stockholm University provide perfect opportunities for all different students to achieve this. At our own faculty we have the Föreningen Ekonomerna, that is mainly a study association related to business students and they organize business career events, skill trainings, meetings with companies and so on. In order to get into contact with companies for your future career it would be of great advantage to join one of these events, even better to join one of the committees. Another opportunity is to join the student organization AIESEC, the biggest non-profit student-run organization in the world, active in more than 125 countries. AIESEC envisions peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential and tries to achieve that through its volunteering internships (Global Citizen), professional internships (Global Talent) and member programs. So you can join AIESEC in the board, to work towards this goal and facilitate internships, or go on an internship through AIESEC, this organization will provide you with all the help you need.

AIESEC delegates

This was just a small description about these organizations, but I will probably come back to you on AIESEC, as this is the organization I have joined more than two years ago in Tilburg and it truly has changed my life. Before joining I could never imagine that I would learn so many things about myself, met so many amazing people and that I would develop so many skills. I want to share my past weekend with you as I went to an AIESEC conference of AIESEC in Sweden. I spent my past weekend in a house in the beautiful city of Barnens ö together with more than 70 delegates from all over Sweden and beyond, altogether eager to make an impact on society. This conference, called ENGAGE, was the first national conference of AIESEC in Sweden to provide knowledge about the relevance of the organization and its products in Sweden. Probably you will hear more about AIESEC in other blog posts, because this organization really is a part of my life.

My main message is that it is important to get to know yourself better, to develop yourself personally, develop your skills and become a more experienced individual, and this can be done by joining an association or one of its activities, the most important thing that you choose the one that is closest to your personal values and vision, for me: AIESEC.

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