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Examinations at Stockholm Business School

Hej all!

This week, I’ll be sharing with you all a little insight and look into how examinations are held here at Stockholm Business School. Before I begin however, I must point out that it may be different for those of you looking into the Master’s programs as I am currently enrolled within the Bachelor’s Global Management degree program.

Yesterday, I took my very second university examination (it was for my Principles of Accounting course for you Curious George’s). Those of you familiar with the American college system know that you take a 3-4 courses over the course of a semester and take your finals right before say, Christmas break. However, here in Sweden, the system is quite a bit different. During this first semester, I will be taking a different course every month for the next four months- all with a final examination at the end of each month.

What do I think about this you wonder? Well, it’s both good and bad, depending heavily on how I’ve kept track of tasks during the course of the month most of the time. The times when I’m completely up to date on textbook chapters and seminar projects- it’s great. But times when you fall behind on reading (which is quite a heavy load as you may imagine, since you go through an entire textbook all in one month’s time) due to focusing too much on your other seminar group projects and/or other social activities- then you start to wonder who in their right mind thought of this whole one course in one month idea.

To sum this all up: for those of you considering doing your undergraduate studies here at Stockholm Business School, be prepared for this unique block-type scheduling of your courses. The best tip I can give you is to stay on track with what’s expected of you each week and you should be A-okay. As for the weekends, I suggest you don’t try to leave everything until then because weekends should ideally be left to exploration of this lovely city called Stockholm.

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