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Mens sana in corpore sano: Sporty Stockholm University

Hello again,
the last week of October has flown by and we could enjoy some really lovely autumn days in Stockholm. As you have already read in the posts from Erin and Olivia – this week was exam week. One could see crowded libraries and students hitting in books everywhere. Nonetheless it is really important not just to focus on learning but especially during these stressful times to go for some balancing activities.

According to the lines of the famous quote “mens sana in corpore sano – a sound mind in a sound body” me and a lot of my friends like to do sports then – although time consuming one feels so much more active and ready for new learning input afterwards. As I have already mentioned, weather was quite nice and so the beautiful surroundings of Stockholm invited to do some outdoor sports. I am really lucky because directly behind my place you can find a really lovely lake with the picturesque castle Ulriksdals slott hidden behind the wood. Trails and streets – I think every outdoor jogging enthusiast might find something in this city. The best thing about it: Stockholm offers a lot of “outdoor gyms”, this means you can do some gymnastics in between your runs; all the training facilities are made of wood and sometimes also specific training instructions are shown. It is a great way to calm down – do sports and enjoy the nature. Here you can find a map with all those “friluft”-places and check out if there is one next to you!
If the weather is getting worse and doing outdoor sports would mean to first have to conquer its inner weaker self the gym is a nice idea too. Especially during your learning breaks in the library the Frescatihallen seem to be the perfect location. Next to the regular gym you can participate at courses like spinning, pilates, bodypump etc. If you want to learn a new sport or you are already passionate about one you might find a lot of group offers, e.g. tennis, badminton, hockey, swimming for all levels. Frescatihallen includes a sauna as well; this is definitely a treat after the training session and is super cozy especially when cold days come along. This semester we had been lucky and as a member of the Student Union you got some really reasonable priced offers. If you don´t want to train at Frescatihallen you can find various different gyms in Stockholm but be aware of the fact that you need a personalnumber or at least a Swedish bank account to gain a membership there.

So long, if you like doing sports – no matter which one – you will definitely find various possibilities to stay active during your studies at Stockholm University.

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