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Where to buy your course literature

As a student you notice very quickly that course literature can be very expensive. Knowing where to buy your books second-hand can save you a lot money. Here are my tips on where to start looking for your course books.

Campusbutiken Campusbutiken is a second-hand book store located in the middle of the Frescati campus (address Universitetsvägen 9) and it’s a good place to start looking for used books. You can also take your old ones there for them to sell. This is how it works: You take your books to the store and they evaluate the condition of the book and how much money you will receive when the books are sold. You will receive an account to their internet service where you can track your books and when you see they are sold, you can collect the money from the store. Simple!

University library (and its e-book collection) The library usually has a few copies of the course books but you have to really lucky to actually get them. Some of the books might also be available as e-books. In this case you’ll be able to have them by logging into your university account on the library website. If your reading list includes academic articles then the library webpage and the numerous databases available there are also the place to look. Blocket is Sweden’s biggest internet marketplace. It’s a website where people sell practically everything: cars, furniture, apartments, used electronics and the list goes on. Many people also sell used course literature there so it can be worth checking when you’re looking for second-hand books.

Friends and other people you know This probably doesn’t work for your first course but might be an option when you have already spent some time in Stockholm and have learned to know some people. If you know someone who has already taken the same course last year or semester just ask if they are willing to sell their old books to you (usually they are) or maybe even just borrow them. Just remember to make sure that the reading list hasn’t changed since your friend took the course!

Akademibokhandeln Akademibokhandeln is the leading book store chain in Sweden and is the best place to buy new books. There are stores all over town but I would advice to head to the one located in the main campus (next to Campusbutiken) since they have basically every book used at SU. If they don’t remember to offer you, make sure you ask for their discount card – you get a stamp from every 100SEK you spend and after 10 stamps 100SEK off from your next purchase.

As a general rule, be quick when looking for used books. If you show up to the second-hand store two days after the course has already started you can be sure that every single used copy has already been sold. So start thinking about getting the books for your next course already during the previous one and you’ll have a better chance of saving some money!

Hopefully these tips will be helpful to you!



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