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The new study period has started: courses and course material got assigned. Get ready and prepare yourself! Meri already informed you about the best way, where to buy your course books, you also have the possibility to rent books in the library of the Stockholm University or to print your material there. It is really easy, as you just need to charge your University card (online) and then you are able to print from your PC or the Universities PC from all SU printers. At the moment the library is under construction, nevertheless you can find some quiet learning places.
If you need to do group works, you have diverse possibilities as well: the Studenthuset is a place, where everybody meets, lots of comfy seats and tables wait for you and a small cafeteria is located there as well. If you want a quieter group-work room, you can easily reserve a study room at the library homepage. Moreover, the campus of the Stockholm Business School – Kräftikret – with its unique atmosphere of the red brick houses provides some nice study places as well, but mostly for group works.

Sometimes, one needs a little library-variety and wants to check out as well other places in Stockholm: for example the Stockholms Stadsbiblioteket, there you get free access not just to study related books moreover to a lot of Swedish and foreign novels, which are quite nice especially, when days are getting shorter and colder. Moreover, the National library is truly worth a visit, the nice mix of modern and tradition – not just in terms of their books, as well their architecture is beautiful to see. Highlight in summertime: the huge garden behind the library.

When already talking about some “winter-activities” the museums of Stockholm show-off their treasures for free at specific weekdays. Just check out the site of your favorite museum and you can find out, if the museum is taking part as well and when the free-open days are. So, for example on Wednesdays you can go and check out among others the Tekniska Museum for free. My favorite one is the Fotografiska, unfortunately it does not take part at the free-open-days-campaign, nevertheless it is really worth a visit!

So long: enjoy Stockholm,

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