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New courses, new opportunities

Hello everyone,

As Klara mentioned the new study period started, also for the SUMA program the second period of the first semester started just more than one week ago, meaning that two new courses started: new courses and new opportunities. New books have been bought in the stores that Meri mentioned in her blog. After stressing out for the Exam and final paper it is finally more quite right now, even though it will not last long. The two courses that have been started are very interesting for those considering a career in accounting or auditing or research: Accounting Theory and IFRS and Research Methods in Finance and Accounting.

Accounting Theory and IFRS is the course that concerns the development and valuation of different financial statements where IFRS is central. We will learn a lot about the IFRS methods in e.g. depreciation and so on. For those that are interested in working as a CPA it is very interesting and convenient, because you learn a lot about the different regulations.

Research Methods in Finance and Accounting is a course that follows subsequent on the previous course we had: Advance Accounting Theory – where a thesis proposal needed to be handed in – and hence very research-based. As the name would tell we will learn more about the different research methods and eventually have to do a pilot study as well. This is very interesting in a sense that is gives practical experience in how to conduct research and also as a preparation for the master’s thesis.

I still feel so excited for the rest of my program, especially with the course Accounting Theory and IFRS I believe that I have chosen the right program, it is a program that covers many topics within the accounting profession, but also provides you with the tools to prepare for your master’s thesis. This first part of the semester has passed by so fast, only 5 weeks left until the Christmas holiday!

But first: let’s kick off the new period: new courses and new opportunities.

Until next time!



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