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Hello again,

hello Friday – time is flying! (It´s not that I don´t like Fridays, it´s just, they always remind me how fast a week passes). I don´t know about you, but as soon as you are half way through to Christmas the rest of the time is flying by. As I am on exchange here this means – just so few time, but still so many things left to do in the sweet-Swede-still-to-discover-bucket. Moreover, with the new courses you meet as well new people to spend time with – what is quite nice, especially as it opens new possibilities you had not known about before.

Frank-Paul – our hero of numbers, accounting and auditing – already told you something about his course choices – so long it´s my turn now to introduce you my present marketing course. It´s called Brands and Communication and consists – like Meri already explained– of lectures and seminars. The seminars are held by a Swedish assistant professor and for the lectures a professor from Copenhagen Business School will come to Stockholm Business School for a couple of days, where we will have then intense branding days. I really like it if universities enable this interchange of guest lecturers and foreign university based professors and I am already really curious about his input.

Next to this week´s branding course focus I was attending some entrepreneurial events: first, SSES (Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship – I mentioned it already in my first blog) organized a pitch night, where five ideas had been presented in front of a committee; this was a really nice and interesting evening, because next to this start-up ideas the jury shared some hints, how to prepare for a good pitch and what is important. Yesterday, I had been to FuckUp Nights Stockholm; there local entrepreneurs tell about their fuckups, learning experiences and how to learn from failures. Next to some really good presentations, you meet a punch of interesting people and it was held in a really nice venue in the city center. Those last days confirmed again what a vibrant place Stockholm actually is if you have some entrepreneurial spirit or want to launch a start-up.

So long, I will start writing my Business Model Canvas for my other course …

Have a good weekend and take care,



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