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Staying fit in the City on a student budget

Staying fit or developing a fitness routine during your studies is always a challenge. Whether the challenge presents itself as a budget constraint, or simply that there aren’t enough hours in the day to manage work, school and physical activity. Well, there really isn’t any excuse to skip some physical activity here!

Stockholm is a great city for runners, walkers and cyclists and there are many competitive mid/low priced gym options as well. Throughout the majority of the municipalities, there are dedicated paths for walkers and joggers and then for cyclists. There are some exceptionally beautiful places to walk, cycle or jog, and most recently I was out on the island of Djurgården. This lovely island is scenic and offers views of the water from the walking paths. Whether you go in the morning or afternoon, you are likely to see other residents out with their families, pets or exercising. Djurgården is an island that is 3 kilometers long and 1 kilometre wide, with a mixture of open fields, woods, waterfront and old homes and museums. It is easily accessible from Nybrogatan near Östermalmstorg or off the Tram from T- Centralen. This particular route is about 11 kilometres, and while I have never completed the entire loop around the park it is a goal to work towards! There is also a 9 kilometre loop around the island of Kungsholmen which should be quite nice! This one is a little more challenging with the hills, but is excellent for more advanced joggers and runners. It is also a beautiful walk, as this route takes you along the waterfront at all times. There is a great website that goes over some great running routes around the world, and I was introduced to this site last year while living in Paris.

For those of you who prefer indoor fitness, there are several competitive options available throughout the greater Stockholm area. To name just a few options that range from budget friendly to a higher price range you could consider:


Friskis & Svettis


Puls & Träning

Nordic Wellness

While there are many more options available, these ones all offer a student discount with a current Student Union Card which all incoming and current students have the opportunity to join. The cost of the card is 100 SEK, but allows students to access great discounts around the city.

I have chosen to join Fitness24seven, as they have a location right next to my apartment but, ideally, I would have liked to join a gym with better group classes. There is a unique system here in Stockholm where you actually have to register for a spot in the group classes you are interested in, and if you have to cancel, there is a certain cancellation policy at the gyms. If you have 3 strikes, where you register, and skip the class without cancelling, you are suspended from the class registration for a short period of time. Swedes seem to take fitness very seriously!

Some key terms while searching for prices on the Swedish websites:

Månadskort = Monthly subscription

Se Priser = See our prices

Studentrabatt = Student discount

Om oss: About us

Bli Medlem: become a member

If you have questions regarding the services at any of the gyms, just give them a call and someone will be happy to assist you in English!

These gyms all have a good reputation for cleanliness, good customer service in Swedish and English and have many convenient locations around the city! It is best to see if some of your friends and classmates have a gym membership and perhaps join where you will have a friend to work out with. Joining a gym is a great way to get out and meet new people as well, especially in group classes and it is also a great way to relieve stress. So for fitness junkies or people new to fitness routines, there is something for everyone here in Stockholm, and through the university, students have access to affordable fitness.

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