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The Swedish Personnummer

Hej allihopa!

This week I will be discussing a crucial, albeit interesting topic regarding life and living in Sweden. What is it you ask? Well, it’s regarding the Swedish perssonummer.

What it is, as similar as I can describe it from an U.S. Citizen point-of-view, is a 12-digit unique identification number (beginning with your birth date and ending in 4 random digits) much like what we Americans call a Social Security number. But here’s the thing- here in Sweden the personnummer is used much more frequently and needed at many more places than you would ever use your Social Security number back in the States.

Here in Sweden, once you receive your personnummer (issued and assigned by the tax agency called Skatteverket), you will then be allowed to apply, sign up for, and register for almost all things available to you: this includes everything from an identification card, mobile phone contracts, a library card, gym memberships to store discount cards and opening a bank account. Basically, it is the token number you need to live and complete essential tasks while living in Sweden- not to mention the frustration of not having one.
Therefore, when you all arrive here, my best suggestion is for you to head on over to your nearest Skatteverket and apply for one as soon as you are able to!

For those of you already here, but have yet to apply for one, here is a helpful link from Stockholm University with more information.

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