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This week Meri has been writing about learning the language of the country you live in. I would like to dedicate this week’s blog to learning any language. First it is important to understand why you want to spend your time on learning a specific language. The most common reason nowadays would be for future career opportunities: Let’s be honest, even though corporate language is merely English it still is important to speak other languages on a fluent basis in order to stand out of the crowd.

Learning a new language is very time consuming; hence one should make a choice, what language to learn. If we take into account that it will boost our future career opportunities, we need to look for a global common used language, because it does not have a significant use if you decide to study a language that has no prominence in global business. The languages that would come to my mind (besides English) are French, German, Spanish and Chinese.

After motivating why to study a specific language it is important to get started and commit much time to learning the language. In my opinion, you learn a language through practicing and speak the language as much as possible. It might be very hard to do that if you do not live in the specific country, however I believe many opportunities to develop your language skills exist and you should make use of it in order to make fast progress.

One of the possibilities is, as I mentioned in another blog post, to join the language cafés at the main campus of SU, where you have the opportunity to speak a particular language in an informal setting while having coffee and cookies. During these sessions you get to know interesting people, new stories and also get the chance to speak with natives. In order to serve the philosophy of exchanging languages even more, it is possible to participate each week in cafés of your mother tongue and contribute to others’ learning progress. That is why I am also a language café coordinator for the Dutch language café. Many languages are present so check it out and start learning your new language today!

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