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One month to go: bye-bye sun, hello bitter-sweet winter darkness

This week I sadly realized: the last month of my exchange started! As I leave before Christmas there is not that lot time left to spend at Stockholm University. Although I have courses in the fourth period, I am able to go home, because one finishes before Christmas and in the other course we have an online exam, which I can take in Austria. This is actually a quite common examination here at Stockholm Business School – every student I know, has at least one take-home exam – which makes it quite trouble-free – especially for international students – to go home now and then. These days we got the grades from our first courses – everything went fine (whoopio) and SBS offers a new service: you can assess your exam online. They scan it for you and then you will receive a link with your corrected exam – which is a pretty good service in my point of view, because then you can check your performance immediately without the need to overcome the obstacle of going to an office etc.

Moreover I took the offer of the collaboration of Stockholm University and SSES and went to a weekend workshop about job-interview preparation. It seemed to be quite long: Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m – but it was worth every minute. This free seminar was just one out of a whole range of the offer portfolio. They are always really good organized and held by experts out of the field. Those workshops really grasp relevant topics (e.g. Negotiation and Leadership, Ethics for Entrepreneurs, Presentation Skills, …), which are next to the theoretical approach of University a good balance and as well opportunity to test its knowledge and competences in practice.

Although the weekend was quite busy then I did not miss the opportunity and checked out the Christmas market in Gamla Stan. As I am from Austria we have a few really nice ones as well and so I was really curious how it would be in Stockholm. It´s a really small and cosy place in the middle of Gamla Stan, directly in front of the Nobel Museum. You can find there different local specialities, like Glögg and a diverse range of handcrafted goods.

One last thing in today´s blog: winter has arrived! This means: bye-bye sun! It´s quite a switch since summertime got changed into wintertime – it is getting dark quite early! Around 3 sun starts setting. But it is not as bad as it´s sounds – don´t be afraid, because Stockholm transforms itself into a lovely decorated winter city! It is super nice to walk through the different parts of the city – nicely illuminated. Moreover, one has more time then to discover the cultural aspects of the city and as well: studying. J On the one hand the early darkness is challenging, but on the other hand you really get this experience of the North: and you learn to understand what impact it actually has on the Scandinavian culture.

Main take-away: Stockholm Business Schools offers you the opportunity to get to know this really charming and driven country – in my point of view: it is really great to study here.


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