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Travelling the North

Hello again!

Hopefully everyone’s had a good weekend, I certainly did! Me and my friends did a road trip to Copenhagen this weekend and therefore my this week’s post is all about one of my favourite things to do – travelling.

Stockholm is an interesting and diverse city but it’s also a great place to start discovering rest of the northern Europe. There are cruise ships from Stockholm to other major cities around the Baltic Sea every day. For example, a few of my friends just came back from a four-day cruise to Tallinn, St Petersburg and Helsinki. A party cruise to Riga is another popular one among the students. If you want to get to the destination faster and maybe spend a bit more time there, fairly priced flights can be found from Stockholm to all over Scandinavia and the Baltics. Rest of Sweden, Norway and even Denmark can be reached by train as well. When booking flights and trains it’s good to be early though since the prices tend to rise quite fast. And even though travelling by yourself is easy, students might be interested in checking Scanbalt as well as they offer many kinds of tours for students especially.

Like I mentioned before, this weekend me and some of my friends wanted to take a break from Stockholm and do a little trip. Since none of us had been there before, we decided on Copenhagen. So on Friday we picked up a rental car and hit the road towards Denmark. Copenhagen turned out to be a perfect weekend destination. First of all, there is a lot to see in Copenhagen. Colourful houses of Nyhavn, fascinating Freetown Christiania and world-famous Little Mermaid statue are just a few examples. You also find stunning architecture everywhere you go in the city. Secondly, a wide range of nice and unique cafes, restaurants and bars makes Copenhagen a great place to visit. The city also has a very cool and relaxed vibe which I really liked and the people were extremely friendly.

And here are some pictures:

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So for anyone looking for a great travel destination in Scandinavia, I highly recommend Copenhagen!

That’s all this time. Have a great week everyone!



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