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Fastreg: Registering for Classes, Seminar Groups and Exams

Happy weekend everyone!

I thought I would dedicate this post to registering for classes, seminar groups and exams, since it is almost time to prepare for the next period.

For students just starting a program, it is very important to show up for the “Role Call” day as any unclaimed spots may be given away to wait-listed students. So be sure to show up for the program orientation day and your specific Role Call. For students joining the Business School, these events are usually held in House 3 at Kräftriket (the Business School Campus).

It is also important to note the registration dates that the program coordinator sends to all registered students. Once you receive the email, log into your Business School Fastreg account. Fastreg is the online Business School platform where all of your course materials, outlines and forums are managed. On Fastreg, you can download important documents pertaining to your courses, upload assignments that are due where they the go trough a detailed plagiarism test and share documents with classmates. On Fastreg, you can also register for your courses by clicking on “Groups” and then there will be a selection of seminar groups to choose from. This is normally quite competitive, as many students prefer to be in the morning seminars if they are also working part time. You can also register your friends and classmates for the same seminar as you as long as you have their Personal Number. Click the small plus button to choose a group. Through clicking on the group section, you can see when each registration period opens, and I would personally suggest signing up at midnight when the registration opens if you need a certain time to fit your schedule. It may sound silly, but I promise, those spots fill up VERY fast! Each seminar group generally has a maximum of 20 participants, and the program usually has two groups in the morning and two in the afternoon.

Registering for exams follows a similar structure, however you do not need to stay up until midnight to register, as the spots do not fill up, and the groups are automatically sorted alphabetically. In order to register for an exam, click the “Examinations” tab on Fastreg, and click the small plus button to register.

General announcements will be posted on Fastreg periodically throughout the term. One announcement you will see frequently are the course evaluation announcements. It is very important to complete these, as they will benefit future students coming into the courses you have completed.

Fastreg is also where you can find your schedule, your grades and assessment task results so as a full time student, you will probably sign in here at least once per day.

In order to log into your Fastreg account, you will be able to use your personal number or the temporary personal number given to you by Admissions Sweden if you are an international student. Don’t be alarmed if you can’t log in right away when you are at orientation, it can take up to a week to get the accounts created after the Role Call.

Lastly, if students decide to take electives at the main university, or Frescati campus, you will have a separate system here to manage called Mondo (Mitt Universitet) where you can register for classes and exams. Mina Studier is where you register for exams. Here, you log in with your SU wifi username password instead of your personal number. I use Mondo for my Swedish course, and it can sometimes be difficult to remember to check this second platform for announcements, so I personally forwarded announcements to my gmail account which is very easy! Just redirect your messages from webmail to your personal account in the settings.

Good luck to new students, and for any current students, don’t forget to register for upcoming exams!


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