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The Christmas feeling in Sweden


A week of cold weather, darkness, building up Christmas markets and an ice-skating park and loads of work for university studies has passed in the beautiful city of Stockholm. Meaning that it is cold and that you have a lot of stuff to do for your studies does not necessarily mean that you have to stay inside. I would even suggest to go outside and to walk in the beautiful Old Town, Kungsträdsgården and Östermalm.

When being inside in a store, a bus or a metro the heater is put on so high that you can get sick easily because of the fluctuations of temperature. Besides the air from a heater does not feel good at all, it feels too much “made”. Honestly, I really love to be outside, I love the cold as the air is so pure and doesn’t feel polluted at all.

So I would suggest you to go outside as much as possible in winter, not only because you will feel really well but also because of the activities that are made for the winter: Christmas market and an ice-skating park for example.

In Kunsträdsgården an ice-skating park has been made just next to the Christmas market where you can go ice-skating. For me, it was the first time this winter and it felt really good: you could rent skates for one-hour only 60 kronor. If it is not your first time on the ice you would probably be finished before the hour as it is quite small, because it is of course in the middle of the city centre. Then there are Christmas market all over Stockholm for example in Gamla Stan, Skansen and Kungsträdsgården, where you can enjoy self-made cashmere hats and scarfs, souvenirs, traditional Christmas food and many more things. Do not expect a lot because the Christmas markets are rather small compared to Germany, but it is definitely worth it going there due to the atmosphere, the cold, the darkness and the Christmas lights!

I already got the Christmas spirit here in Stockholm 🙂

Have a nice Sunday!


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