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Hello again 🙂
Hope, you all had a good weekend?
Reviewing the past week I can say: nothing extraordinary happend. And that´s good. Because it means: welcome daily life in your new city! I personally really like it, if I get settled, it often takes some time until you really feel like home, but it is a good feeling. Daily life means as well: you get reminded on your contracts!
This week my SL card expired and I need to purchase a new one, as I still stay for another month. Let me take this opportunity and explain you some basics about transportation in Stockholm and how to get to Stockholm University.
Most people – I think nearly all the students – have a SL card: a credit check formate blue plastic card with your credits for using public transport on it. Special about Sweden: you need to buy your ticket before entering the train station.
As a student you get reduced prices, but it is still quite expensive (round 200 € for 4 months), nevertheless, the t-bana and busses are really reliable and during the day (until 1 a.m. from Monday to Thursday; Friday to Sunday all night long) pubic transport goes frequently. The Red-Line, which stops at University (Universitet) is one of the main lines and from University to the city center it takes you approximately 15 minutes. If you are studying at the Stockholm Business School you can either walk then from the University tunnel bana stop (10 minutes next to a really nice lake) or take a bus (5 minutes), which stops in front of Kräftriket (bus stop is called Albano).
Once you have purchased the SL ticket you can as well you use it for some ferries, specially between Djurgarden and Slussen. This is really nice, as you get the chance to see the face of Stockholm by boat and it is already included in the price.
Some advice: DO NOT LOSE your SL card, if you don´t have a Swedish personal number. If you have a p-number you can register your card online and in case of loss you get the card with the remaining credits refunded. If you did not register it, then it´s really a pity, as the cards are anonymous and yet not refundble.
Another way of going to University or into city might be by bike: it is relatively easy to find a used bike on one of the Facebook pages; but be aware: especially end of November and December it might become quite cold. Still, exploring the city by bike has a lot of opportunities, as you get the konw Stockholm form a different point of view.
So long: enjoy the lovely city it does not matter if by t-bana, bike or on foot! There is definitily a way to explore this fabolous city!

Take care!


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