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Wandering around Stockholm

Hej hej 🙂

Hope you are all doing fine and you had a good second Advent week? I got some visit from Austria this weekend and this was also a great possibility for me to enjoy Stockholm a little more before heading home.

We visited one of my favorite museums: Fotografiska. They host a new exhibition at the moment, which is really, really worth to see. It is called „In Full Lights“ by Herb Ritts. Mostly black and white pictures from famous people but he dedicated some pictures as well to the African landscape. He is regarded as one of the most influencing photographers in the fashion industry in its beginnings. Moreover, you can find a lot of smaller exhibitions in the second floor. The curator of the museum is a really talented woman and it is a joy to walk through the museum. The entrance is about 90 kr for students and if you buy two entrance tickets you get a poster for free at the end, which is really cool, as this a nice room decoration.

Of course we also visited some Christmas markets, as Olivia already mentioned. We really liked the one in Sigtuna, not only because of the market, but also the city is lovely. A lot of those well-known Swedish red houses can be found there and the city is located next to waterfront which gives it a really traditional and warming atmosphere. By the way, going there is for free with your SL card. Therefore, this is a really nice and low-budget destination out of Stockholm. And like Meri already mentioned you can find some really lovely places to have Fika there.

But do not think I am just hanging around – I am still busy with University as well. This Wednesday I had my last exam in my University life. Whoop!! It was in Business Model Innovation and this exam was with a lot of open questions, originally designed for three hours, but as far as I got the impression normally you are not under time pressure in Swedish exams. This should not mean you don´t need to study, you rather have time to think about the answers in more depth and work more structured. But this course is not finished with the exam, we are in the middle of our group project at the moment. Working on a real life project is actually great fun and a nice alternative to the theoretical knowledge. Especially as we do a lot of consumer research it is a really helpful preperation for the master thesis, as you can practice interviewing, reviewing and interpreting data.

So long, I still need to prepare a little for tomorrow and on Tuesday the Nobel Dialogue starts. I am already really curious. I will keep you up to date! Have a good week, take care!



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