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Nobel Week Dialogue 2014 – Tasting some Award-Winning Air

One day full of inspiration. One day full of interesting lecturers, panels and people. One day tasting some air of Sweden´s famous Nobel Prize.

Some friends of mine and I got the opportunity to participate at the annual Nobel Week Dialogue – which is held every year on the 9th of December – this year´s venue: Stockholm. The entrance was free, but you need to sign up already quite a long time before.

Summarized I can say: it was super good organized and a really inspiring day.

Typically Swedish you got all your confirmation data via sms and barcode the day before, as well as some online questions to answer – interactive engagement!

The morning sessions were full of 15 minutes talks from people connected to the Nobel Prize, Nobel Prize Nominees and Nobel Prize Winners. First Takeaway: to stay healthy and fit even when getting older: always listen to your mother J.

During the breaks coffee and snacks got provided and even lunch was served. Smooth organization! Chapeau. As there had been 1400 registrations.

For the afternoon sessions one could choose between panel discussions in the fields of science, innovation and economics. I attended economics, with interesting thoughts about how to deal with employment in an ageing society. Moreover they talked about the correlation of the decrease of fertily and an increase of productivity in work concerning women. A lot of different thoughts popped up and intersting questions from the audience – on location and online – got discussed.

As a wrap up of the day – Eric Kandel and Jeff Koons had a really funny, though highly intellectual conversation about immortality in art and science.

However, my personal highlight was the future scenario thinking panel of six Nobel Prize Laureates! What can we expect in the future? Food for thought statements about the questions if the ageing society is a challenge or opportunity came along. My favorite quote here from Elisabeth Blackburn: the challenge is to find the opportunities!

I think, this is a really inspiring thought and there is so much truth in it – for all parts in life!

So long: have a good week & take care!


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