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Olivia here! This week I’ll be showing you all a sneak peek into what it’s like visting a Swedish company here in Stockholm. As part of the Finance Society at Föreningen Ekonomerna (SBS’s Student Business Association as mentioned from two weeks past), one of our biggest projects that I have been working on is called the Women’s Finance Network- in which we set up, coordinate, and plan corporate visits as well as other networking opportunities for women who are interested in a career in finance or banking.

This kick-off event for the project this fall semester was a Women’s Career Event hosted by Carnegie Investment Bank, where we were invited to a lovely dinner and fika with inspirational presentations from women at Carnegie as well as a very interesting panel debate about life as women in the finance industry.


Aside from the lovely food, what we were able to take from this event was the encouraging experiences of these talented women who made what seems to many as difficult, a career in a male-dominated profession, a grand reality. Though they had their ups and downs as we may imagine, they were able to prove many wrong along the way- while maintaining a harmonious balance between work and family, job and play.

We will have yet another corporate visit, this time to Nordea Bank, in the coming weeks- so be sure to look out for that post!

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