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Swedish Christmas Beverage Survival Kit

Glögg pepperkaka

Glögg pepperkaka. Image: Nenyaki

As Christmas markets, Lucia, and the Nobel Ceremony have descended upon Stockholm, foreign students should be prepared to participate in celebrating the essential Holiday drinks the Swedish way.

As many have already learned, saying “Skål” is an acceptable way to celebrate a dinner or drink with friends. In saying that, two important Swedish drinks come to mind- glögg and julmust.

Glögg is a red warm wine that is served during the holidays. Fitting in is quite easy, just follow these instructions (1) while holding Glögg in your left hand, carefully add a raisin to the drink (2) with your right hand, make sure to have a pepperkaka (ginger snap cookie) ready to dip. You are now ready to take your first sip of many during the long Swedish winter.


Julmust. Image: Albin Olsson

Ambitious? Try out this Glögg recipe to make it with friends. No time? A quick stop at Systembolaget or ICA (for a non-alcoholic option), to pick up a few ready-to-go bottles. Just warm it up and serve.

The second classic, Julmust (not Coca-Cola) is the soft drink of choice during Christmas. Created in 1910, the syrup is still made exclusively by Roberts AB in Örebro before being sold to various beverage companies. Again, Julmust can be found at any local grocery store- a true Swedish beverage classic.

So whether you are celebrating your first winter holiday in Sweden, or flying back home, make sure to try out these two Swedish drinks by the end of the year.

God Jul och Gott Nytt År!


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