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Housing in Stockholm

Hey everyone,

This week I will be writing around the concept of finding housing. Housing in Stockholm… It’s a real joke, because apparently it does not exist. In one month I have sent tons of emails but a reply was already too much to ask for.

If I’m informed well, a private market for housing does not exist at all. There are relatively cheap rental solutions available in this city, but to make use of that I should have been registered already when I was 18 due to the waiting queues they use. The other apartments that are available in Stockholm are those for sale, which would also not be an option for me. The other housing opportunities in Stockholm are those rooms that people (families or people living alone) rent out, because they do not need the space in their own house or apartment.

These offers can be found on different websites, but one should keep in mind that these landlords get at least 50 called after publishing the ad within the hour! Hence, it is understandable that these landlords not always reply to emails… So going to a broker and asking to find a room or student house as soon as possible is not really possible, unfortunately.

So how did I find housing in Stockholm? Honestly, I did not. Let me go back to the start when I just arrived in Stockholm and looked on websites, such as already for 2 months. After living in a hotel for more than two weeks I decided to broaden my view and I received housing at the student campus in Norrtälje, where the bus brings you in one hour to Stockholm. It is very hard to find housing at first sight so here is some advice I have:

  • Be patient
  • Be realistic in your budget (don’t expect a room for 4000 SEK in the city center)
  • When you know that you got in SBS, sign up at SSSB (the student housing agency that uses this queuing system) but maximum 2,5 months before school starts (as you need to prove that you’re a registered student and this may take a while)
  • Make an ad on, because landlords would like to choose themselves, so most of the housing advertisements are not published as the landlords go through the different profiles
  • is a very valuable website with good housing offers so I would suggest to use this website too, as I did it too. The only thing is that access to the personal details of the landlords costs 695 SEK for 45 days.

Probably you will not find housing before coming to Sweden as the landlords want to meet you in person to make sure that they can trust you. Also if you do not mind travelling one hour to campus then I would suggest in Norrtälje, where I have been living.

I knew that I did not want to live in Norrtälje during my whole stay in Sweden as I did not come to Stockholm to live in one of the suburbs more than 60 kms away from the city center, even though the city is beautiful and I live in the forest almost. So also I was patient and started actively searching in the middle of October again and after one and a half months I got lucky and now I am the proud owner of a room in Östermalm 🙂

You can look at this website from Stockholm Business School that provides you with more valuable websites of housing agencies and how to search.

Have a nice Sunday!


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