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Senior Buddy Program

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A new semester is approaching so I think it’s a perfect time to talk about the kick-off of every semester at the Business School: Senior Buddy Program. This means three weeks of fun activities for all new exchange and international students (new Swedish students have their own equivalent called Fadderiet).

So how does it work? All the arriving exchange students are divided into groups and each group has a few “buddies”, that is other business students that are already studying at the SBS. Their role is to be a helping hand, someone local to turn to. They also do different kinds of fun activities with their groups. For example, during my program last fall we had a BBQ, dinner events, a pub crawl and an Amazing Race around town among many other things. These activities are a great opportunity to get to know other people at the school.

The aim of the program is to show international students the city and the school, help them to meet new people and make the process of settling in as fast and smooth as possible. As exchange students have only limited time in Stockholm, it’s important to start enjoying your time as quickly as possible and make the most of your stay in Stockholm.

Next semester I’m gonna be one of the buddies welcoming the new group of exchange students to Stockholm. We buddies had our first get-together yesterday and I have to stay, we have a really fun and energetic group! So all exchange students arriving in January: get ready for a fun start of the semester!

Have a great week everyone! And the new exchange students, see you in January!



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