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End of classes, but not quite the end of HT2014…

Happy holidays everyone!

I hope my fellow international students who are travelling this holiday season are safely on their way.

It was nice to see everyone at Berns Out Of Office on Friday night to celebrate the end of classes. While it is an exciting time of the year, and it is important that we all take some time off to wind down and relax after a busy semester, we can’t forget about any take-home exams that may be due after the holidays.

The semester dates are quite different from the Canadian Universities I am used to. Normally, in Canada, once the holiday season begins, you can congratulate yourself on having finished ALL exams and assignments for the term. Here at Stockholm Business School, the new Winter/Spring semester begins January 19, 2015 and assignments can be due from the Fall semester until this date (or a few days before).

In my program, Consumer and Business Marketing, we actually have two take home exams, one for Communication and Brands, and another for Strategic Market Management. Usually, take home exams are completed in a 48 hour window where the exam is released, and then 48 hours later must be submitted.

We were actually given a longer window to work on both exams. The CAB exam was published on Friday December 19 and will be submitted on January 9 at the latest, and the SMAM exam will be published January 5 and will be submitted by January 16 at the latest. It is nice to have the extra time to work on these projects, but it is also an added pressure knowing that they must be completed. I have decided that I will review the assigned articles and cases from the semester, but will not work on the exams until I return to Stockholm. I plan to fully relax at home in Toronto!

Tip for future CBM or Masters students in general: Make sure you double check deadlines on Fastreg before booking your flights! It is possible that if you book your flights too early, you could end up flying home in the middle of a take-home exam 48h window where you may not have access to internet!

Best of luck to my fellow classmates writing these exams!

I am looking forward to some rest and relaxation at home! I hope everyone has a wonderful break from school and a very Happy New Year!


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