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Time for Christmas Break

Greetings from snowy Finland!

The holiday season is here! Most of the international students, myself included, have traveled home or do so in the next few days. Especially the Europeans are leaving Stockholm to visit family and friends in their home countries. The ones staying are also getting ready for Christmas. Some are planning a Christmas dinner with friends, some getting ready for a trip to Lapland to enjoy the snow and a real Christmas atmosphere. But however people are spending their Christmas, everyone is taking their mind off school for a while.

I had the last lecture of the year yesterday morning and in the evening I headed back to Finland. It’s nice to be back home after four months and enjoy some family time, see all my Finnish friends and just take it easy. Now is the perfect time to relax and save some energy since my January is going to be busy. Last group assignments and exams of the semester (in Sweden the fall semester ends in mid-January) are just around the corner and new courses as well as the Senior Buddy Program I told in my previous post keep me busy for the rest of the month.

The time I have spent in Stockholm so far has really flown by. When I left my house yesterday I really couldn’t believe it had already been four months since I arrived there with my two suitcases and with no idea what to expect. The fall has been busy but exciting with getting used to the university world, meeting tons of new people and exploring a new city. In fact, there has been so much going on that I haven’t been home once since I came which makes being home now especially nice. But during these months Stockholm has become a second home and it will also be nice to get back after the holidays.

Happy Christmas everyone! God jul allihopa!


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