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Hej do Sverige!

Hej do Sverige!

It is time to say good-bye! My semester is almost over, as I leave Stockholm already before Christmas and don´t come back for the end of the semester. I just have one online exam left (it´s the same course as Erin is taking and she already mentioned it in her blog entry) and I already have things going on for my home university in January.

Time for wrapping up this awesome time – which literally flew by.
Next to all the awesome people I met, I really enjoyed Stockholm as a city itself. All this offers – cultural, sportive and lifestyle wise. I really loved walking through this town, exploring hidden places and having fika in this cosy and authentic coffees. Running through Scandinavian woods, just meeting a deer – noone else. Calmness in it´s finest art.

Moreover, Stockholm Business School gave some good and valuable impressions about the highly praised University system of Scandinavia. The campus Kräftriket was really beautiful and situated next to the waterfront – just a great place to study. As well SSES (Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship) is one of these unique collaborations SBS offers – if I may give you an advice: try to attend one of these courses – it is a really great learning experience!

One last thing which is especially important for a smooth exchange – all the required paperwork was handeld in a really professionell and fast way – thank you so much for it!

This means I can go home prepared, with a luggage not only full of clothes, books and souvenirs, but with memories, experiences and a great time!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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