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HT2015…Internship, Exchange or Electives?

Happy New Year everyone!

Even though it is off in the distance, I thought I would talk a little bit about the Fall semester of 2015. This semester, for those of us who started the CBM program this past September (2014), will be dedicated to either an Internship, an Exchange, or Elective Courses.


For students looking to gain practical experience to complement their studies, an internship may be a great option. There are several requirements that an Internship must meet in order to be accepted by the program.

  • The Internship must be a minimum of 17-weeks long
  • It must be completed in a firm with a minimum of 50 employees
  • It should not be the same position as you currently hold (if you are working during your studies)
  • You must complete several reflective assignments and participate in an online course but do not need to attend classes on campus
  • You should work on a full time basis
  • The company must be approved by SBS before you sign the contracts & the employer must sign a special contract with SBS as well.

There are many places to find internship opportunities. Many companies physically advertise their internship needs on the Business School Campus in House 3 just to the left of the main entrance. This internship board is updated often.

Linkedin is another great resource, and to get precise results, use the advanced filters to search for Internships or Entry Level positions.

Academic Work, Graduateland, Your Living city: Jobs in Stockholm, My Career (Collaboration of SU and Graduateland), and Work In Sweden are all good resources to get you started. Check out the Career Centre for workshops on CV building and other important skills.


There are many great cities and schools associated with the SBS exchange program on both a Master and Bachelor level! These international Exchange Partners can be found here. Generally, the exchanges run from September to December.

Going on an exchange is a great experience and will sometimes force you out of your comfort zone, but overall will be one of the best experiences of your life. I have never heard anyone say that they regret travelling or going on an exchange abroad!

Elective Courses

It is also possible to continue studying and take electives with either Stockholm University, SBS or another School called The Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship SSES. This is a great way to add specialized and personalized skills and knowledge to your degree. Studying at SSES also allows you to interact with other students from different partner universities in Stockholm! Here is a list of some of the courses they offer!

It is difficult to decide between all of these great opportunities, and in the end any choice you make will contribute to your personal development and academic achievements. I am hoping to do an Internship in this term, since I have already done an exchange before with my Bachelor’s degree, but many of my classmates are looking into both Elective Courses as well as Exchanges! Best of luck deciding!

Happy 2015 🙂


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