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First Winter Break of College.

For those unaware, this past semester beginning in September was the start of my university career here at Stockholm Business School. Now that I am officially in the second semester of my first year in college, it’s crazy to think about how, just not long ago, I was not yet a ‘college kid-‘ and that now I am.

Why do I mention this, you ask? Well, college life is a whole lot different than that of high school life- that’s for sure. And it will be even more so for all of you, me included, since I myself am an international student from a much different culture of my own (American in this case) thousands of miles away from home.

After finally getting to see my family and friends again after four months time, I was able to fly back home to the U.S. for the holidays over our winter break. The length of the so-called winter break here at SBS was a little of a shock to me, I must admit. Used to having my brother, who is off at college in the U.S., home for the holidays for more than a month every Christmas, it was almost traumatizing to find out my very own booked trip would last just 12 days at home- 12 short days! But so be it- if my time at home would last 12 days, then I must make that 12 days worth it! Here’s a snapshot of our gorgeous tree this year at home in Washington, D.C.


Now, with the start of the new year and back in beautiful Stockholm, I begin the rest of my three year journey at SBS and continue my adventure of being an International student in Sweden.

Happy New Year allihopa! 🙂 




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