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Happy New Year resolutions

Happy New Year!

When I asked a Swedish friend what they say in order to wish you a good year he could not answer me completely. This was due to the fact that the Swedes have many expressions they use and these expressions are used in different time frames. So let’s just say: Gott nytt år!

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog, but from now on I am back in Stockholm and so happy to start writing about all the challenges I, as an international master student in the SUMA program, have to undertake. Well, it has been quite a semester and time flew honestly! When starting a new year, people usually take this opportunity to come up with their “New Year’s resolutions”. This includes resolutions as: study harder, party less, exercise more, eat healthier. These resolutions have two sides: on the one hand I agree that it is really good to reflect on the past year and come up with things in order to improve your lifestyle, however on the other hand the resolutions people tend to make have a very broad nature. The problem with a very broad resolution as “In 2015, I will eat healthier and exercise more!” is the whole approach itself. In my opinion, it does not work if you just shout whatever you are going to do, because it does not contain a clear and feasible goal and also no steps to achieve the goal.

My recommendation would be: think about the past year and critically reflect on yourself what you have been doing. What were the things that made you happy and what were the things that did not make you happy or hindered you to happy? Also think about the things that fit in the category “I just did this because I had to, but it didn’t make me happy nor unhappy”. Identify a goal that is feasible and come with steps that allow you to achieve that goal

In a very simplistic way are here the things that I identified for myself for 2015:

  • Last semester I was too focused on my studies in a way that I could not develop myself to the fullest on a personal level. Besides, I haven’t seen anything from Stockholm and Sweden yet.
  • My goal: find a balance and do more fun things with friends, while exploring Stockholm and Sweden.
  • Steps:
    • Spend one day per week in a part of the city you have not been yet
    • Go to at least 2 different cities in Sweden by the end of May 2015.
    • Party at least 4 times per month.

I know this is a very simplistic version but it gives an idea how to structure it. For some people it is better to reduce partying, but I wanted to give you an impression how you can make your New Year’s resolution work.

I would like to share what I have been doing last week about it: I went to Gröndal, a very nice green area in Stockholm where I explored Vinterviken. More about nice places in Stockholm will come to a later blog.

As the SUMA autumn semester ends in a week we have our last deadlines and exams, I will go back to the library to study.

Have a wonderful year, full of challenges that will overcome and goals that you will achieve.

Hej då!


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