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New Semester, New Beginnings.

Hej Allihopa!

For those of you considering and looking at the Global Management Bachelor’s degree here at Stockholm Business School, this post might be of extra interest to you! Why? Well, because now into the second semester of the program, I have just gotten my list of courses that I will be taking the next four months!

My Spring term will consist of: 

  • Marketing and Communication
  • Finance & Trade in Theory and History
  • Organization and Leadership
  • Governance and Economy

It is said that this term was thought and planned out to be ‘the bridge between social sciences and humanities, involving other perspectives other than business administration and languages in the courses.” What that will turn out to mean and include, I cannot say for sure, but I will soon find out!

Personally, simply by the names of these courses, I must say I’m quite excited- not just for the courses, but also for the new semester. Let’s hope it’ll be a good one!

As always, for more information regarding my specific degree program, please visit the link here.

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