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Uppsala or Stockholm?

As the New Year has started, also the start of a new semester comes along with that. Usually when a new semester starts, it does not change anything. You just stay wherever you are and you will take new courses at the Kräftriket campus, Stockholm Business School as usual. However if you study the SUMA program it is a bit different, as you will take courses at Uppsala University in the second semester. This change comes along with a decision you have to make: moving to Uppsala or staying in Stockholm. There are a few things that you have to consider, while making this decision:

  •  Uppsala is a real student city, where student life is very alive: many parties and not so expensive drinks compared to Stockholm.
  • Uppsala is a small city and as I said before “a student city” meaning that the majority of the inhabitants are students.
  • The pendeltåg (commuter train) from Stockholm to Uppsala takes 55 minutes.
  • To use this commuter train costs 1050 SEK per month for students
  • Finding housing in Uppsala is as hard as in Stockholm
  • If you are going to take your electives at Stockholm Business School and write your thesis there, are you going to rent out your flat/room?
  • Or are you registered at Uppsala University and do you take elective there as well as writing your thesis?

Well, I have decided to stay in my room in Östermalm in Stockholm and I have decided this for the following reasons: I intended to move to Uppsala at the beginning of the second semester when I started this Master’s degree. However, I have had some significant changes on the way. Let me start with the fact that I did not live in Stockholm itself for the first three months, but in Norrtälje, one hour by bus from the university. Hence, I have not experienced Stockholm life that much yet and that is what I really would like to do. On the other hand, I finally established my life in Stockholm and I do not feel like starting up my life again, with finding new friends and so on. Hence, the possibility to move is very personal and you have to see for yourself if you would like to take up this challenge.

Also, I would like to point out that the deadline for the study applications at Stockholm Business is today!


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