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Welcome back!

Hello everyone!

After submitting my last final exam online from the fall semester, it is now time to begin a new challenge at SBS. This semester, I will be taking the following courses as part of my Consumer and Business Marketing Master programme:

1. Service Marketing

2. Consumer Culture Theory

3. Qualitative Research Methods

4. Brands a Cultural Perspective

I am most excited for Service Marketing and Brands a Cultural Perspective! Service Marketing gets off to a fast start with assignments and group projects.

In addition to these courses, I am trying to stay as involved as possible in the student life at SBS. I am now a board member with the Marketing Academy, and we are in progress of receiving applications for the spring semester! For more information and to join this great group, check out the website! I will also be competing in the L’Oreal Brandstorm competition with some classmates which should be very exciting! If you are looking for a great case competition to take part in, check out the 48 Hour competition here! You will not get to pick your teams, but can make new friends and learn about other disciplines!

In comparison to the Canadian university system where you take five courses simultaneously for the semester, I will take one at a time here for the first two months, then the last two together for about two months! The main difference and challenge between the two systems is that the courses at SBS get rolling much faster and time management is extremely important.

Technically, this will be my last semester of only academics… in the fall of 2015, I hope to complete the internship and will have some assignments and academic responsibilities, but mostly focus on gaining experience in a company! Then next spring, it will be time to write my thesis! Time flies! I am considering working part or full time while I write my thesis or looking for a sponsored thesis, and I have a meeting with a student counsellor to determine if it is possible!

All in all, this semester is shaping up to be an exciting semester, and lots of great things are happening!

Good luck this semester!


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