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Totally up for a new semester!

I hope that those who were interested in taking a study program at SBS and for whom the deadline was January the 15th successfully submitted their application. As I wrote earlier the SUMA program almost starts its second semester in Uppsala, it is time to end the courses at SBS. As the SUMA program had two different periods where two courses were taught parallel, we had to finish the following courses:

  • Accounting Theory and IFRS
  • Research Methods in Accounting and Finance (RESAF)

We finished Accounting Theory and IFRS this week when taking the written exam. For the RESAF course we have to hand in our final report by the end of next week. In the previous semester we have been taught more interesting knowledge in IFRS, but also learned how to think critically about accounting matters and how to approach new fields by writing in one course a thesis proposal and in another course carrying out the accompanying empirical research (both topics could be different of course). Hence, we are very prepared for our thesis already.

In Uppsala we are offered courses in a different manner: we are taught four courses, but each course is given at 100 %, meaning that we will have 1 course at a time for one month. The courses are more focused on auditing and are the following:

  • Responsibility Analysis
  • Auditing Regulation
  • Internal Auditing
  • Public Sector Accounting and Auditing

As I chose the program more to be a practitioner in auditing later on I am really looking forward to upcoming semester.

Uppsala here we come! 🙂


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