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Senior Buddy Program: First Week

Hello hello!

New semester started on Monday and in addition to starting new courses, for me it also meant the beginning of the Senior Buddy Program. I’ve told more about the program in one of my previous posts but in short it is a program that is intended to help new exchange students to meet people and help them to have the best possible start for their stay in Stockholm. I’m working as one of the buddies this semester and me and seventeen others are arranging a wide range of different activities for “the newbies”, answering their questions and helping them any way we can.

This semester around 150 new exchange students arrived in Stockholm to spend their spring semester at the Business School. They had their introduction day on Monday where we buddies also were to welcome them and meet our groups for the first time. In the evening we took our groups to relax after a long day filled with new information and hit a karaoke bar in town.

The first week of the program has been about getting to know the school, the city and each other. On Wednesday we buddies took the role of tour guides on our city tour and on Thursday we showed our groups around campus and took them to one of Stockholm’s student pubs afterwards. The week ended with a party at Cafe Opera yesterday where both the Senior Buddy Program and its Swedish-speaking equivalent Fadderiet had their semiannual mingle. Already this first week has been super fun and I’m really looking forward to the rest of the program as our most fun activities such as sittning, pub crawl and a cruise are still ahead.

Senior Buddy Program is quite a unique program as no other association at SU organizes anything similar, at least not to the same extent. That’s why the business exchange students are at least in my opinion in a lucky position since the Program is a great way to start building their social network and the activities enable them to get more out of their stay in Stockholm. It’s also a great experience for the buddies. We too get to meet tons of cool, new people and do fun stuff with them so what could be better? Therefore I highly recommend everyone who’s interested to apply for the fall semester.

That’s all this time. Have a great week everyone!



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