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Being a tourist in own country


As I have mentioned in one of my previous blogs I am part of the international student organization AIESEC. I would like to share some of the learning experiences that I was able to experience myself. One of the great things about being part of one of these international student organization is that they operate all over the world, hence the processes that you perform in your local or national entity also happen in other countries in the same form. In order to learn from each other conferences are organized because the experiences from persons in other entities allow you to get a new perspective of things and to come up with more innovating ideas.

Well, last weekend I went to a conference that was for the members of the Global Finance and Legal Board of the organization. This conference was held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands: this is the city where the headquarters of the global board of our organization is situation. During this conference, 13 different nationalities were represented from 14 different countries.

I am sterdamDuring these conferences you work hard on developing concepts and hear inputs from other persons that could give you a different perspective, which enhances your learning experience. Besides, these conferences work very motivating due to the energy of everyone and the eagerness to improve this organization. After the conference that lasted for three days some of us that were not leaving the same day went to Amsterdam to explore some culture. For me, it has been a great experience to be a “tourist” in my own country. I am from the Netherlands, so everyone assumed that I was going to lead the group as a tour guide. However, I experienced the feeling that because I am from the Netherlands I could hardly think about special things about the city: you are kinda used to these things. Hence, I tried to see it from a different perspective and I came up with some recommendations for everyone that wants to visit Amsterdam. Traveling within Europe is very easy and not expensive at all, so once you have been admitted to one of the Master programs and you want to travel to one of the Northern European countries it is possible! (Maybe when you have a visa to stay here it might be a bit harder) BUT if you want to visit the Netherlands and in particularly Amsterdam here some recommendations!

  • Dam square
  • Museumplein: This is were you can find IAMSTERDAM and also Rijksmuseum
  • Rijksmuseum
  • Anne Frank House
  • Flower market
  • VOC boat
  • Canal ride

However, there are many things to visit in Amsterdam, these are just a few. Check for example for more information about the attractions and even more attractions to visit.

Sometimes it is good to be a tourist in your own country, because you come to places where you usually would not go to and you experience your country from a totally different perspective. Moreover, visit several conferences or join an organization to join their conferences in order to give you personal and professional development a boost. 



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