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Family and Friends Back Home.

Hej allihopa,

Today I would like to touch upon a subject that will come up during your own international studies, wherever you decide to study, without doubt- and that’s of missing your family and friends back home.

Many refer to it as homesickness, some refer to it as symptoms of culture (and people) shock, but whatever it may be called- what should you do when you’ve got the blues?

For me, I’ve been lucky enough to not only have the emotional support of my family and friends, but also the physical support- my parents in particular in this case.

When I first moved here last September, both my mom and dad actually flew over with me to help me settle into my new apartment. I was sad to see them go a few days before my studies began, but the thought of going home for the holidays kept me going.

Just this morning, I actually sent my mom off at Arlanda airport after a two-week visit on her part here in Stockholm. Though I know how much she despises the cold (and goodness knows it’s cold here in Sweden in the smack middle of January), I know that she chose to come and spend two weeks with me because she knew it would be good for me to spend time with loved ones from back home.

And that’s just it- my main point to this post. When you guys are here studying in a foreign country all by yourself, please try your best to not only stay in touch with friends and family back home, but also to make an A-effort to see them (or have them come see you) as often as time allows! For me personally, it makes the world of difference and means so very much to myself.

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