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Guest Lecturers and The Consumer & Business Marketing Program

Hello everyone!

This academic period, I am studying Service Marketing, and it is quite an intense course in regards to the workload. This course is run in a “short” time frame relatively speaking. Most courses are run for a 4 – 4.5 week period if you study at a 100% level. Service Marketing began on January 19, and will come to an end in early February.

Despite the heavy workload, this course is extremely interactive, involves class presentations and subjective analysis of the articles where the class shares their experiences which are extremely diverse as we come from many different academic and professional backgrounds.

This week in Service Marketing we were lucky enough to have a guest lecturer, who can be considered to be on of the “Legends” in Marketing Theory, come and spend an afternoon with us. Evert Gummesson came and gave us an inspiring presentation that helped to clarify many of the theories we have been studying this period. The lecture was followed by a question and answer period, where we were able to openly ask for examples, clarifications, and explanations for some of the more abstract concepts we are dealing with.


This picture was taken by one of my classmates who has kindly let me use it in this entry!

The Stockholm Business School often invites guest lecturers to come and lecture to the classes. This is always extremely interesting, and allows for students to ask personalized questions, and also helps us when we consider our thesis topics. I hope to have many more interesting guest lecturers during the rest of the course!

Until next time!


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