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Winter Adventures

Hi everyone!

Sweden’s winters can be dark, cold and a bit depressing to say at least. But it’s not all bad and one way to make the most of the Swedish wintertime is to enjoy different kinds of winter activities!

Yesterday’s Senior Buddy program activity was an afternoon in Hellasgården, an outdoor activity center near Stockholm. There we buddies and a big group of exchange students that decided to join us had an opportunity to enjoy some (literally) cool winter activities. First on the agenda was ice skating. Even though finding balance took time and the ice was not in the best condition, I think even the most first-timers got the hang of it pretty well. And even for many of those who had been on skates before, ice skating on an actual lake was a first-time experience.

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After ice skating it was time to relax in the sauna. The bravest ones also had the opportunity to take a dip in the lake, water temperature being around 0 Celsius degrees. Even though there was much hesitation at first, I was happy to see so many to overcome their fears and jump into the freezing water. I think all of us agreed that it was actually quite nice and refreshing. In the girls’ sauna some of us chatted with a few Swedish ladies and one of them told she swims 15 minutes at a time as she’s training for an ice swimming competition. So crazy none of us would be!

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All in all we had a really great day and I’m sure especially for the exchange students coming from far away it probably was quite an exotic experience! Also big thank you to the Office of International Affairs who made it possible for us to enjoy the event for free.

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