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Swedish Treats

Hello everyone!

Hopefully everyone’s had a good weekend. My Sunday was full of Swedish treats! Today was Restaurant Day, the idea of which basically is that anyone can set up a restaurant or a café for a day. It hasn’t become a huge deal in Sweden yet but in my home country Finland it has become very popular over the past few years. Two of my Finnish friends decided to bring it to Lappis and opened a pop-up café in their apartment today serving some traditional Swedish treats: semlas and prinsesstårta.

Erin already told you about semlas today and even shared a recipe for making them (make sure to check her post as well!) The other thing my friends were selling is a traditional Swedish dessert called Prinsesstårta, or a Princess Cake. It has spongy layers of cake alternating jam, vanilla custard and whipped cream and is topped with green marzipan and often decorated with powder sugar and a pink marzipan rose. The name of the cake comes with a story. Jenny Åkerström who is credited as the inventor of the recipe was a teacher of three Swedish princesses in the beginning of the 20th century and the princesses were said to be so fond of this particular cake that it got the name “Princess Cake”.


The cake is quite sweet but super good so when in Sweden, remember to give it a try!

Have a good week everyone,



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