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Skiing in Stockholm


In the past few days (and still) my cousin from the Netherlands has visited me. When someone comes over to visit you who has never been to Stockholm or Sweden in general you want to get them to taste a bit of your life over here and what the Swedish traditions are. As my cousin was very busy with her studies before coming here, she did not do a lot of research about the things you can do in Stockholm. Hence, as a good host I proposed some things that are of interest in Stockholm:

  • The beautiful palaces in Stockholm
  • Gamla Stan
  • Södermalm
  • Skansen
  • Sky Bar
  • Ski – Snowboard centre

As my cousin is a fan of skiing (while I snowboard myself) and she has not been able to do it a lot in the past few years she was tremendously enthusiastic about the idea of skiing. Just the idea that she went to Stockholm for a few days and could experience skiing there was great. Hence, we decided to go there for just a few hours and started at 3 pm.

Ski slope in Hammarbybacken

The Ski resort is in Hammarbybacken and is only around half an hour from the city center. From T-Centralen you take the green line (tunnelbanan) and get off at “Gullmarsplan”, then you take the tvärbanan till “Siggla Upp” and get off at “Siggla Kaj”. From there it is only a five minutes walk.

You can rent the equipment right there and you can decide to rent it for 3 hours or the whole day, which costs around 190 SEK for skis or 250 SEK for snowboards for three hours. Even though the ski slope is not that big and there are not many lifts, it is still a nice opportunity to go skiing for a few hours on the weekend with your friends. I had to say that I loved it! As we went quite late, there were not a lot of people (if there are in general) and we could see the sunset from the hill and a overview of the city. In other words: it was great!! I would totally recommend it to everyone 🙂

Have a nice week!View on the city center from Hammarbybacken


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