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Third semester


Time flies.. The fact that the third semester is approaching, scares the hell out of me, because of the uncertainty, the many opportunities and my inability to make a decision. The students that are part of the SUMA program and registered at Stockholm Business School have three possibilities:

  • Take electives at Stockholm Business School or any other school within Sweden
  • Go on exchange at one of the many partner universities
  • Gain practical experience, while doing an internship

All of these opportunities sound so interesting to me, but one important factor need to be considered as well. When you want to become a certified auditor in Sweden you need to have had 45 ECTS in Swedish Business Law and, thus, many students that do not have these credits take this semester to follow these courses.

Meri already explained the process on how to apply for the exchange semester at one of the partner universities. It is really cool to go somewhere else to get to know another culture, other people and just have an amazing experience. This could be achieved as well by doing an internship, however your life will be more focused on working, rather than normal student life.

If you want to do an internship, you need to participate in this course called “Reflective Practice”, which entails that you have to hand in certain reports during the semester where you write about your experience in the internship. It is an awesome opportunity to finally be able to use the things you have learnt during the Accounting and Auditing program into practice. You could for example decide to already start working at one of the auditing firm you are interested in working later so you can get the taste of the working environment over there.

Many great opportunities, one semester. Wish me luck!



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