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5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Stockholm


I recently celebrated a 6 month anniversary, not with a boyfriend but with the city of Stockholm. It has been exactly six months since I arrived here and during these months I have fallen in love with this city.  Therefore I will in my this week’s post a list five reasons to fall in love with Stockholm. Here we go:

1. The versatility

Stockholm’s selection of restaurants, bars, clubs and shopping facilities is wide. From Östermalm’s high-end clubs and designer boutiques to Södermalm’s hipster bars and second-hand shops, Stockholm has something for every taste.

2. The beauty

Stockholm might not have the edge of Berlin, the beat of London or the romance of Paris but it has sophisticated beauty that I like. Everything is pretty here – the buildings, the sea, even the people.

3. The language

This is of course a very personal opinion but I personally love the Swedish language. I like its soft and melodic, almost a song-like sound and how at least in my ears everyone speaking it sounds really friendly. It is also a rather easy language to learn, especially for those with experience in other Germanic languages.

4. The “fika culture”

Whether you’re meeting your friends or going on a date, in Sweden fika is always a good idea. I love going to cafes (and there are so many nice ones in Stockholm) so for me this custom is a huge plus. Having a cup of coffee and maybe a cinnamon bun in good company is the perfect way to relax after a day at school.

5. The Nordic summer

Stockholm can be magical covered in snow during the winter but my absolute favorite time of the year is summer. After the long winter the whole city wakes up and comes to live. People go out more and are in a good mood, the sea glitters in the sun and there is 20 hours of daylight. What could be better?

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As no place is perfect and I want to give you an honest and balanced picture of life in Stockholm, I’ll continue next week with five reasons NOT to fall in love with Stockholm.

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