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5 Reasons NOT to Fall in Love with Stockholm

Last week I listed reasons to fall in love with Stockholm. But as l don’t want to give you a too polished picture of living here, this week it’s time to look at the downsides of living in the Nordic capital.

1. Finding a place to live

Finding an apartment or room in Stockholm can be rather tricky. The queue for student accommodation is insanely long and finding private housing often requires a lot of effort.

2. The prices

Sweden in general is pretty pricey and Stockholm especially. As in most capitals, rents are much higher than in the rest of the country. Coming from Finland, the price level didn’t come as big shock (Finland is not the cheapest country either) but people from other parts of the world usually find the price of food and drinks very high as well.

3. The student life

There is of course student life in Stockholm but compared to Sweden’s old, traditional university towns such as Lund and Uppsala, Stockholm is lagging a bit behind. This is compensated though by the vast selection of other activities that are available in a big city like Stockholm.

4. Getting to know Swedes can be hard

Swedes can sometimes be shy and many of them, especially the ones originally from Stockholm, already have their tight social networks from high school which sometimes makes it hard to get to know them. On the other hand, people from the Nordic countries tend to be great and loyal friends when have made the effort to get to know them!

5. The Nordic winter

If the Nordic summer took a spot on my list of things to love in Stockholm, the winter definitely deserves one on this list. Freezing every time you step out the door and sun setting already at 3 pm can be rather depressing. But as Olivia wrote a few weeks back, there are ways to survive.

Despite these downsides Stockholm is a great city to live in and I have really enjoyed my time here so far.

Have a great rest of the week everyone!



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