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Career Fair: Ekonomernas Dagar

In my previous posts, I have discussed the internship semester, and the application process. So far, it has been a slow process finding internships in Stockholm, since it is still a little too early for companies to post their September internships now. In between scanning Linkedin, Graduate Land, and My Careers, I decided to go and visit the Career Fair at Frescatihallen yesterday between 10:00 and 16:00.

Many of the companies there were perhaps more relevant for Accounting, Finance and Economics students, however there were definitely some good opportunities for Marketers as well. In the future, it would be nice to see more Marketing, Branding, Communications and PR companies at this fair though!

On my way to Frescatihallen, I stopped at Student Huset to print a few CVs to hand out, but to be honest, this was not really necessary. Most company contacts preferred to hand out a business card, and then have you email them. Then on my way to Frescatihallen, there were companies located outside the fair offering free samples, which was a great way to get started!

Since I am a native English speaker with a pretty basic level of Swedish, I started by sitting down and scanning through the Career Fair Guide prepared for Ekonomernas Dagar. This was extremely useful! My strategy was to look through guide and fold down the pages of the companies that were advertised in English, offered internships, and employed marketers. The guide had all of this information for students. This narrowed my list down from about 60 companies to about 20. I then went through and read the company descriptions, further narrowing my list down to 10 companies that I was interested in speaking with. Then it was time to dive in!

As all of us have mentioned at one point in time or another, most Swedes are fluent in English, however it can be challenging in this type of career fair environment when they are constantly switching from Swedish to English, so don’t be discouraged when walking around listening to the Swedish. Just pop in and make sure you indicate politely at the beginning of the conversation that you do not speak Swedish. For me, it was also important to consider the type of work they do as well before I spoke with the representatives. For example Stockholm Stad was represented at the fair, and they are dedicated to the city of Stockholm, and work almost exclusively in Swedish.

I spoke with representatives from Nordea, Capgemini, Blueberry World Wide, Academic Work, CFI Group, Samsung, The US Embassy, The Swedish American Chamber of Commerce, Talents (Amendo) and Meltwater. It was challenging to talk with all of these representatives, but it is also important to make connections whenever possible. Sometimes just getting in front of them can help you when application time opens. Make sure you get a business card, and thank the person for their time after the fair!

Many great companies were there! One company was actually offering haircuts at the fair for people to come and have a chat in their booth!

I know I saw many of my classmates at this fair, and there were over 600 people RSVP’d for the event. Ekonomernas Dagar is just one example of some of the great events hosted at Stockholm University! So for those of you considering a degree here, make sure to tune in for alerts on these important events!


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