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Life in Stockholm with a Pet

Hej hej!

Alright, so! This week we will range a bit off the topic of studies and onto what life is like in Stockholm with a dog (or a puppy to be exact in this case).

Aside from all the mumble jumble about how you should not support puppy mill dogs or buy from a pet store that you hear about back in the U.S., both are less of a worry here in Sweden in my opinion. This is due to the fact that:

1) There are far less puppy mills here in Sweden than there are in the United States- and where there are such issues, it is the worry of buying a puppy imported from Eastern Europe to be sold for high profit

2) I’ve yet to even see a pet store selling dogs

But like I said, aside from that, what’s life in Stockholm like with a puppy? Sadly, I cannot say with too much certainty seeing as my puppy just turned 11 weeks old today, which means he has yet to receive his second set of shots that will clear him to roam freely outside on grass, concrete, play with other dogs, go to parks etc.

However, I chose this topic because it is the very fact that life in Stockholm can be convenient with a dog that prompted me to go ahead and bring a puppy into my life. Why?

  • There are an abundance of beautiful parks (and puppy meet-ups) across Stockholm’s entirety. Where I live in the neighborhood of Vasastan alone, there’s quite the handful.
  • Dogs are welcome on all mass transit (granted there are specific spots that they aren’t allowed which you should look out for)
  • Aside from the abundance of clean parks and areas to walk your dog, lets not forget that people here overall have great pick-up habits- little as these details may be- when you own a dog, it makes the world of difference as pet owners!
  • Stockholmers love dogs!
  • Wrinkly chub-monsters steal my heart completely.

Now of course, as a student, there are more factors to consider before getting a puppy, but given the right circumstances and situation, I felt it was indeed a suitable time to purchase my precious Frenchie puppy, Finnigan. For those wondering how I manage my time, particularly with house training, the answer is that my Sambo and I, luckily, have schedules that work out great for little Finn- someone is always home for him.

So! Don’t go out and get a cute little pup to play with- God knows it’s a massive responsibility- but for those of you students-to-be here in Stockholm, let me be the first to say that life with a puppy as a student is definitely feasible.

Here’s a photo of our baby boy: 


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