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Handling Challenges in Stockholm


This week, I thought I would share an ongoing (challenging) experience I have been trying to wrap up over the last few weeks. Unfortunately, about two weeks ago, my wallet was either lost or stolen at T-Centralen. I have no real way of knowing exactly what happened since I was rushing to make a train and didn’t properly close my purse.

Many of my personal documents were in this wallet including some of my Canadian documentation (Birth Certificate, SIN Number, Credit Cards and so on.) While this may seem like a big challenge to deal with from abroad, it has not been too horrible so far!

Firstly, in contacting my banks in Toronto to cancel cards, I was actually able to use Viber, a data-based free calling service available on mobile devices. This meant that there would be no long distance fees for the long phone calls to my home bank and secondly, I was able to designate my parents to help me replace all of my Canadian documents even though I am abroad.

Another challenge I faced was replacing my UT card or Residence Permit in Sweden. This has perhaps been the most challenging aspect so far. In order to replace this card, I must present a Police Report documenting everything that was lost with the wallet. So, last week, I called the Police Department and was able to do all of this in English and the Police representative was extremely helpful and thorough. They advised me to continue calling SL Lost & Found to check if anything gets returned.

The Police Report was then sent to me via the Postal Service, and as soon as I receive this document, I can go to Solna Immigration and request a new UT card.

Luckily, I had my Swedish bank card in my pocket when this incident occurred, so I was able to continue on with my routine easily.

The main lesson I learned from this experience was that I should have separated my important documents from my day-to-day documents and kept them somewhere safe. The other lesson is that, no matter what, it is always best to ensure your bag is zipped securely while travelling in a crowded station.

I remain optimistic that some kind samaritan will return my wallet to the SL Lost & Found or the Police department, but we will see! Although it was a difficult experience, my parents and friends here have been encouraging and supportive. After all, everything is replaceable.


3 thoughts on “Handling Challenges in Stockholm

  1. You manage to get everything back yet?

    • Hi Angie, Thanks for asking! I have received all my replacement cards now, but did not get the original wallet back! I still check in with Lost & Found though – eternally optimistic!