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Come to Sweden and drink coffee!

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Going to Sweden and not drinking coffee? NOT POSSIBLE!
The coffee culture will play into your mind and the social pressure that comes along will make you drink coffee sooner or later. The coffee is one of the things that Sweden is famous for and especially within the concept of FIKA. Especially coming from a country where “coffee shops” do not correspond to the true meaning of the name, it was such an eye opener when coming to Stockholm where you can find on every corner of the street an “EspressoHouse” , “Wayne’s Coffee” or a local coffee shop. Furthermore, everybody has a cup of coffee in his/her hands in the subway stations, the street, the university library and actually: where not? Because of that you will feel empty handed all the time, which makes you desire a cup of coffee. Just try it and after 20 cups of coffee you will like it 😉 Side note: Starbucks is not that popular here, so you have to adapt and change to other (or Swedish) coffee brands 🙂

EspressoHouse and Wayne’s Coffee are chains where you can choose from a large offer of different coffee and sweet or salty snacks next to it. You are lucky if you are member of the Student Union as it will allow you to get 10 % discount when you sit there and 20 % discount for take-away. Furthermore, both chains offer nowadays apps, you can charge money on this “mobile coffee card” and pay with this, you will get standard a 10 % discount and it will enable you to get many other offers.

Prego is the coffee concept that is at the moment present at Stockholm Business School. You can choose to have a “StudentKort”, which enables you to get 10 % discount on everything. The only thing you need to do is to charge it with money and then you can just pay with this card: it saves you money and time! This StudentKort can be used in almost all the studentrestaurants in higher education in Sweden that are part of this chain, hence very good if you  pursue the SUMA program, because it can be used in Uppsala too!

Coffee time

One update about my goals to visit new places in Stockholm and which concerns coffee: I went to Cafe Linné. I definitely had a very good experience there. The coffee house could be described as fancy and classy: it is situated in Ostermalm near the water and the decoration is “classy French”. I was completely surprised when I received my coffee: in a French (coffee) press! The coffee was definitely to die for and that goes of course along with the “Best Coffee Award” they received in 2014. You can go there for Brunch and Lunch, which is quite good! The prices of this coffee place are a bit higher compared to the chains, but it is definitely worth it, you will get an experience 🙂

Drinking  coffee will enable you to have an even more extraordinary experience in Sweden 🙂


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  1. I’m addicted to coffee, so will fit right in, lol.